Three C’s In Selling Your Home

One of the best suggestions for anyone considering to sell a home is to start as early as possible to prepare the home to sell.  The more time a homeowner has to take care of necessary repairs and to ensure the home is properly staged the easier the whole process will be.

Unless you love the excitement of being pushed to the limit,  I would recommend that most homeowners start to prepare the home three to six months in advance of the listing date.

THE 3 C’s

Often sellers don’t grasp the total concept of staging a home.  There is much more to staging than just having furniture positioned in the right place.   Staging starts by understanding what needs to be done or can be done to repair problem areas if they exist.  Then there are dozens of other little things you can do that will make a huge difference in the overall impression of the home.   

Every home seller needs to know the three key areas of staging that can often have the biggest impact on the selling price. 

The Three C’s of preparation that every home seller must concentrate on is CLEAN, CLUTTER-FREE and COLOUR.


Every person has their own definition of what clean is, but as a seller you need to accept that people tolerate their own dirt, but won’t tolerate someone else’s dirt.   You need to prepare your home to be Q-Tip clean.  A thorough  cleaning must take place if you want potential buyers to feel comfortable when they view your home and making the buyer feel comfortable is critically important.  




Far too many homes could pass for a flea market so how do I put this politely.  GET RID OF THE STUFF!. 

Being clutter-free is so important that you need to have the thought that every item you leave in your home, that isn’t used on a regular basis or can’t be hidden away, is actually working against you in getting the price you want for your home.     

Many home stagers will say that when they walk into the most immaculate homes,  they are able to recommend about 30% of the items that are in the home that should be removed.   For the average home it means there is 70-80% too much stuff in it when it comes time to sell.   

As an example, a clothes closet is an area that is often overlooked when preparing to sell.    Most people can pack away or get rid of over half the clothes hanging in a closet.   Just packing away the clothes that are not in use for the current season is a great start to decluttering a closet. 

Photo by jordi pujadas on Unsplash

As a home seller you want to ensure that a potential buyer gets the feeling that there is plenty of room in the home.  An overcrowded clothes closet actually can create a feeling that the entire house is too small.   Whether it is a tiny closet or a walk in closet, the fewer clothes you have hanging in that closet the more appealing the home will be to potential buyers.  

So what do you do with all the stuff?  I would be happy to provide tips on that and so much more as part of my free home staging consultation.   

As a homeseller you need to attack clutter with the mentality that Clutter Cuts Equity.


You would think that most buyers could look past colour.  Sorry, that is not the case.  Most buyers  get an overall good or bad feeling for a home based on several things and the colour of a room has a huge impact on what a person is feeling.    

Neutral colours are always the best bet and if that means repainting a room before you put your home on the market then it is wise to do so. 

Here is something that is hard to accept, but it is true.  Once you decide to sell,  the home it is no longer your home.  By that I mean you must forget about your home being comfortable and appealing to you and make it attractive to the buyer.  Paint is one of your best investments in doing that.  

It is almost always better to stick with neutral colours for  your walls and your local paint provider can give you some great suggestions for neutral shades .  Take a few pictures of the rooms you are planning to repaint and take them to the store.    A paint expert can look at your furnishings and provide the best options for neutral colours for your home. 

The walls should be thought of as the backdrop or canvas to a room.  When it comes time to sell let accent pieces and furnishings add some excitement to the room rather than trying to accomplish that through wall colours.         


There is so much more to think about to properly prepare to list your home for sale and I would be happy to discuss this with you with a free home staging consultation. 

As a home seller you need to accept the fact that most people will not overlook messiness, clutter or tolerate someone else’s dirt.   

Focusing on the Three C’s will help you to get the  highest price possible for your home and reduce the time it takes to sell it.  

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