Room, Apartment and House Rental Scams

Something that irritates me is the thought of someone being taken advantage of through a rental scam.   It is tough for most to come up with first and last month’s rent for a place and to hear that a hard working individual got taken to the cleaners through a rent scam ad is heartbreaking.   

Protect Yourself

The short video provides a few red flags to help identify a possible rental scam.  

Most Important

A huge red flag is not being able to see the place.  It is very important that you can view the room, apartment or house from the inside not just from the street or from pictures.  If the person saying they are  the owner or the landlord’s property manager doesn’t have the keys to let you in or they give you an excuse for why you can’t see the place at the present time, then don’t hand over the deposit at that time.

More tips from the University of Ottawa to protect yourself from  a rent scammer.

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