Curb Appeal – A Big Difference

Most people understand curb appeal without giving it much thought. When you see a house painted in a colour you like or don’t like, curb appeal kicks in. The colour of the house provides a first impression of your home. That first impression begins the process of building interest or lack of interest in your home from a potential buyer.

With a multitude of colours, it is impossible to please everyone when it comes to your house colour but there are many things you can do that will appeal to almost every potential buyer. Each little thing you improve on adds to the overall curb appeal of your home.

Work on the five tips below. These tips will help to move your home’s curb appeal to a higher level. For other FREE tips that can make a big difference in the selling price of your home contact me. Contact | Jack Latimer, RE/MAX Right Move (

If you are thinking about changing the outside colour of your home, Home Decor specialist Emily Bihil has some thoughts at 8 Designer-Endorsed House Colors to Seriously Upgrade Your Curb Appeal ( Ashley Knierim also has 18 house colours to consider at 18 Exterior Paint Color Ideas for a Beautiful Home (

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