Guiding the vulnerable out of life’s storms towards hope.

My goal is to provide another $10,000 in support of BUILDING HOPE to assist The Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter in providing greatly needed beds, meals and other required services for men, women, youth and families facing homelessness.


Please pass along my name to those you know who are considering buying or selling a home.  Not only will they benefit from my professional care and attention, but with each referral sale I contribute directly to Building Hope.

Through many buyers and sellers over the past few years I have already been able to support the Building Hope campaign and now I plan on doubling my  original pledge amount of $10,000 and it’s all thanks to people like you who refer my name to others planning to sell and/or purchase a home.

By helping buyers and sellers with their home needs my mission to give back and assist those in desperate need of emergency shelter will be accomplished.  Together we can provide men, women and youth with the shelter, support and services that they need.

Please email me or call me at 705-345-7522 to let me know the name of the buyer or seller you referred my name to.   THANK YOU!

(Glenn Wagner, Chair of The Lighthouse Soup Kitchen & Shelter and The Building Hope Campaign.)